Yo is out of milk, Yo!

//An application built on Yo which is connected to a smart Milk Bottle which tells you if you are out of Milk.

//The app is based on the app I developed during the TechCrunch hackathon. The secrets in the bottle. The basics of the app are that it monitors the level of milk in the smart milk bottle and when it reaches a level determined by your milk usage to be low it sends you a YO with the status YOMILKZLOW. If you ignore that and run out of milk it will send a YO that says YOMILKZOUT.

//This app could eventually be used to actually order the milk so that it is added to your online shopping list or your next grocery order. Obviously the concept has infinite capacity for expansion including YOGROCERIES which could include product sampling and promotions and free devices which monitored the level of Branded products (Think something that told you not when you were out of OJ, but when you were out of Trop50)

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